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About Us

Our people drive our culture of Operational Excellence, Continuous improvement and Safety

Hopewell gives brand owners the ability to outsource their warehousing and distribution needs while retaining the ability to monitor, measure and evolve as if it were their own operation.

Our team of industry professionals have helped our clients expand their footprints, create high efficiency net new footprints, consolidate, decommission, reconfigure existing space and bring ecommerce from thought to operation.

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Expertise. Integrity. Ingenuity. Passion.

We come from all walks of life; from operations and logistics, retail and ecommerce, joined together by a common purpose of delivering unparalleled operational expertise, safety and continuous improvement to your supply chain.

We lead by example; embracing open, honest and genuine conversation that inspires personal accountability and group delivery… where everyone, regardless of core job function, has the ability to bring forward ideas and then see them take flight.

We are agile in thinking, nimble in action, insightful in direction and relentless in focus.

You can find us speaking at industry events, sharing best practices and insights with government and university committees, crafting long and short term strategy with our clients … and on the shop floor, sleeves rolled up, enjoying the work we do and the people we do it with.


Founded in 1996, Hopewell Logistics is part of the Hopewell Group of Companies.

Established in 1996 with the backing from our parent organization, The Hopewell Group of Companies, Hopewell Logistics had a singular idea: Locate a group of otherwise competitive Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies on a shared campus to unlock operational savings and efficiencies while promoting shared best practices in workplace safety and continuous improvement.

The Hopewell Group of Companies, a longstanding Canadian organization with deep roots in the province of Alberta, paved the way for Hopewell Logistics to pioneer the first “Campus-Concept” in Canada. To this day, the Hopewell Group of Companies continues to guide five distinct yet harmonious companies that share in the philosophy of ‘Achieving the Impossible…Together’.

Today, we operate numerous stand-alone dedicated warehousing and order fulfillment centers for our FMCG clients. We continue to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement at all of our sites and have found new and innovative ways to deliver added value and efficiency. We have added a robust transportation management group and have integrated continuous improvement and engineering into each of our operational teams.

And our original Campus-Concept? We are extremely proud to say that we have grown with our clients since 1996. We have responded to and led change management and network redesign to grow and evolve as our clients grow and evolve.

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