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Order fulfilment in today’s market is in a state of flux. Market demands press against operational costs all swayed by the shifting consumer buying patterns. Designing a functional & efficient network has never been more complicated. With Hopewell Network Design services, we can help you position your business for outstanding results.

Network Analysis

Hopewell is in the business of network and facility design. We can help your company analyze the data necessary to find a solution that will move your business forward. In many cases, we have assisted in the development of a supporting business case.

Whether we’re designing a site network strategy, multi-temperature zone locations within a site, or just figuring out the best place to put the washroom, Hopewell can help.

Regional Expansion

Fast to Market. If your company is in a position where a regional distribution strategy looks like the best solution to meet your customer expectations and deliver speed to market, Hopewell can help. We help our clients meet the diverse demands of Canadian regional markets. Whether it’s managing inventory and stock transfers, consolidated freight programs, or a marketplace distribution centre. We understand the challenge presented by long supply chains and the requirement for a balance between service and cost.

Our team can help assess the optimal size and placement for your regional sites and can help you to develop a go-to-market strategy that satisfies cost, service and risk.


A natural step in the evolutionary cycle of network design, there are often many reasons why a client may choose to consolidate their network and Hopewell has helped many clients consolidate smoothly without creating noise for their customers.

Hopewell operates national mixing centre operations for a number of our clients. Fulfilling all orders from one centrally located site often makes economic sense, however, this type of a strategy relies heavily on effective continuous improvement programs trageted on customer service as well as cost. We are proud to say that we deliver on both counts!

Unlock your Supply Chain.

With Hopewell Warehousing Solutions. Streamline operations and expand possibilities by entrusting us to optimize your warehousing, distribution, and strategic planning, allowing you to focus on core business functions and capitalize on the Canadian marketplace.

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